Friday, 24 July 2015

Finishing touches

In today’s lesson, Chanel and I completed the finishing touches for our robot puppy. When we programmed it to move last lesson, it was trying to move but a few pieces were blocking the back wheel from rotating successfully. So in today’s lesson we fixed the back wheel issue with Mrs Rizk’s help which took a couple of minutes and it moved slightly better. After this Chanel and I attempted to fix the problem with the stabilisation of the front wheels (legs) so it would not collapse and move faultily. We attached some Lego pieces to both sides of the front wheels to make it stay upright and secure and not wobble around. This worked successfully and the front legs stayed upright as we planned. Next, we attempted to see if the dog would move properly, and it successfully moved smoothly without interference. As seen in the video it did not stop when it found an edge but it was an accomplishment that it moved effectively.

Wednesday, 22 July 2015

Wednesday 22th July 2015 - Construction of Front two legs

In today’s lesson Danielle and I began to construct and attach the two front legs (wheels). This was not as simple as we planned as we did not have the sufficient number of Lego pieces in our kit to construct the legs, which meant we had to improvise, this generated some issues when it came time for us to attach the legs as the legs did not secure easily into place. Eventually when we attached the legs, we encountered another issue which was that because the legs were not stable which meant the front half of the robot would collapse and not move. This issue became apparent when we programmed the robot to move forward and backwards and because the legs were not secured this lead to the solid pieces of Lego dragging on the table which didn’t allow the robot dog to move smoothly. We decided that the next lesson we would stabilize the front legs to the solid structure of the robot so they would stay upright and this would hopefully allow the robot to move without interference.

PS: this is Chanel's blog post but her Cenet password expired so she is unable to log into her blogger.

Wednesday, 15 July 2015

Building the puppy

During today's lesson we continued to build the NXT Puppy which we began building at the end of last term. We started on section 6 today but we had to improvise because we didn't have the specific piece in our box. We also had to attach the piece underneath the dog which caused a slight problem because it wouldn’t clip in correctly, due to the improvisation we had to do earlier in this step, but we eventually got the piece in. After this we went onto section 7 and 8 and we didn't encounter any problems. However, when we reached section 9 today we didn’t have 2 pieces so we had to improvise again but it worked out. Chanel and I started on section 10 and we found all the correct pieces but ran out of time to start building it so we left it for next lesson. 

Thursday, 11 June 2015

Edge Finder Activity

In today's lesson we began activity four (edge finder),first we began by attaching the light sensor, but later when we ran the activity on the robot the light sensor was dragging on the table because it was attached incorrectly. We completed the programming on our laptops perfectly, however, we encountered a problem as for an unknown reason after the robot would detect an edge instead of turning the opposite way after reversing, our robot just moves back and forth instead of rotating. We thought that the light sensor was the reason for the robot not being able to rotate as it was dragging on the table so we rebuilt the sensor and the light sensor didn't drag anymore.

Tuesday, 19 May 2015

Continuing to build the robot

In today's lesson we attached the light sensor, touch sensor and the sound attachment. We were just about to build and attach the arm-like attachment but we were short for time and decided to leave it for next lesson. There were no issues that we encountered in today's lesson.

Thursday, 14 May 2015

Building the robot

Building the robot

It took Chanel and I just over 2 weeks to build the robot, . We encountered a couple of problems along the way during the building process. Firstly, we attached some of the pieces the wrong way around, and in the wrong holes, so we had to detach the pieces and start the specific part again. Also, we were missing a piece of Lego in our box. As a result we couldn't attach our third back wheel to our robot. We could of gotten our robot to move last lesson (Wednesday) but the battery was flat. Chanel was absent in our double today, and Antonia's partner was away too, so we both helped each other build our robots. Today, I attached the distance sensor and touch sensor to the robot successfully. Also in the double, I finally got the robot to turn on and move around, and run the Lego man over. Our group is currently up to challenge 3.