Tuesday, 19 May 2015

Continuing to build the robot

In today's lesson we attached the light sensor, touch sensor and the sound attachment. We were just about to build and attach the arm-like attachment but we were short for time and decided to leave it for next lesson. There were no issues that we encountered in today's lesson.

Thursday, 14 May 2015

Building the robot

Building the robot

It took Chanel and I just over 2 weeks to build the robot, . We encountered a couple of problems along the way during the building process. Firstly, we attached some of the pieces the wrong way around, and in the wrong holes, so we had to detach the pieces and start the specific part again. Also, we were missing a piece of Lego in our box. As a result we couldn't attach our third back wheel to our robot. We could of gotten our robot to move last lesson (Wednesday) but the battery was flat. Chanel was absent in our double today, and Antonia's partner was away too, so we both helped each other build our robots. Today, I attached the distance sensor and touch sensor to the robot successfully. Also in the double, I finally got the robot to turn on and move around, and run the Lego man over. Our group is currently up to challenge 3.