Wednesday, 15 July 2015

Building the puppy

During today's lesson we continued to build the NXT Puppy which we began building at the end of last term. We started on section 6 today but we had to improvise because we didn't have the specific piece in our box. We also had to attach the piece underneath the dog which caused a slight problem because it wouldn’t clip in correctly, due to the improvisation we had to do earlier in this step, but we eventually got the piece in. After this we went onto section 7 and 8 and we didn't encounter any problems. However, when we reached section 9 today we didn’t have 2 pieces so we had to improvise again but it worked out. Chanel and I started on section 10 and we found all the correct pieces but ran out of time to start building it so we left it for next lesson. 

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