Friday, 24 July 2015

Finishing touches

In today’s lesson, Chanel and I completed the finishing touches for our robot puppy. When we programmed it to move last lesson, it was trying to move but a few pieces were blocking the back wheel from rotating successfully. So in today’s lesson we fixed the back wheel issue with Mrs Rizk’s help which took a couple of minutes and it moved slightly better. After this Chanel and I attempted to fix the problem with the stabilisation of the front wheels (legs) so it would not collapse and move faultily. We attached some Lego pieces to both sides of the front wheels to make it stay upright and secure and not wobble around. This worked successfully and the front legs stayed upright as we planned. Next, we attempted to see if the dog would move properly, and it successfully moved smoothly without interference. As seen in the video it did not stop when it found an edge but it was an accomplishment that it moved effectively.

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