Wednesday, 22 July 2015

Wednesday 22th July 2015 - Construction of Front two legs

In today’s lesson Danielle and I began to construct and attach the two front legs (wheels). This was not as simple as we planned as we did not have the sufficient number of Lego pieces in our kit to construct the legs, which meant we had to improvise, this generated some issues when it came time for us to attach the legs as the legs did not secure easily into place. Eventually when we attached the legs, we encountered another issue which was that because the legs were not stable which meant the front half of the robot would collapse and not move. This issue became apparent when we programmed the robot to move forward and backwards and because the legs were not secured this lead to the solid pieces of Lego dragging on the table which didn’t allow the robot dog to move smoothly. We decided that the next lesson we would stabilize the front legs to the solid structure of the robot so they would stay upright and this would hopefully allow the robot to move without interference.

PS: this is Chanel's blog post but her Cenet password expired so she is unable to log into her blogger.

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